Car Wash Services Email Marketing List

Car Wash Services Email Marketing List

Our Car Wash Services Email List is perfect for anyone looking to sell B2B to car wash companies. Our car wash services B2B mailing list leads database contains company emails, tel numbers, websites, social media links and much more! Free lifetime updates. Instant download. Complete and accurate data.


Car Washing: An Overview

There are over 1.2 Billion drivers globally, with ever changing weather conditions and environmental elements it's a given factor that any motor vehicle is susceptible to dirt. On average a typical driver will wash their pride and joy at least once a month. Not only does washing a car make it look more appealing. It also helps protect the car.

Car washing services are readily available and there are often multiple choices, ranging from drive ins, hand washes and even do it yourselves. So it's important to know who you can trust when it comes to getting the ultimate shine. After all it's an expensive mistake to go wrong. Trusted businesses with good customer rapport among the car industry is worth knowing about.

Car Wash Services Email Marketing List

The Benefits of Frequent Car Washes

Apart from the most obvious factor of the car looking visually appealing, there are some additional benefits.

  • Helps the paint protection, by eradicating dirt from the pours of the paint.
  • Saves yourself time; sit back and watch the professionals do it speedily
  • Improves the value of the car, if you’re trying to sell or maintain the value a regular wash will help.
  • Safety, helps clean away any debris that could potentially get in the way.
  • Reduces damage, very minor elements such a road salt, dirt and tar can cause lasting damage.

Who can it help?

So now that you have a list of every business in the industry from suppliers to outlets. So where do you fit in?

  • If you’re a wholesaler looking to sell your wares to more businesses.
  • If you own your own car wash and need to source top quality supplies for less.
  • Or if you simply need to breathe new life into your business!

Have a look at our comprehensive Car Wash Email List...

Our B2B leads and sales package comes with all of the below, and a whole host of extras!

  • Names of almost every Car Wash in the country of your choice
  • Addresses and Email Addresses of all of said Car Washes
  • Telephone numbers for all of the above, and even details of wholesalers!
  • Links to social media pages!

Why choose us?

Our marketing is made so easy it shouldn’t even be allowed! Coming in a easy use, handy .csv spreadsheet, you’ll find launching your promotions are as easy as drop, drag, click and send, and your business will be whirring off into a distant, but very rewarding future in no time at all!

Our B2B Emailing lists have been concocted with a masterfully executed strategy we have perfected over the course of five years. Using all the cutting edge technology at our disposal, we’ve successfully built this extensive contact list through real world events and meeting with real, successful businessmen and women in the industry. And we continue to do so, updating our lists on a regular basis at no extra cost. That’s why you should choose us.

Using our B2B Marketing to your advantage

Car Wash Newsletters

It’s always good to keep your customers up to date with what you’re offering and all the fun and interesting ways you can keep their pride and joy up to standard. Be it the newest polish or the great new wax you’ve sourced with our B2B Emailing List, just drop and drag all of your subscribers into the appropriate recipient box, and press the send button for an instant satisfaction.

Car Wash Email Proposals

Now you’ve got the power of the entire industry contacts behind you, it’s a very simple case of finding all those major suppliers you’ve now acquired, drop and drag the appropriate email addresses into the ‘to’ field, and market that killer deal you’ve been devising over the last few weeks to every single one of them, all within a second! Think of what you can do with all that spare time!


And for those wholesale managers who need that extra personal touch of persuasion, pick up the phone, and let your dialling fingers and silver tongue do the rest. You might find something that no amount of writing could do for you.

Social Cleansing

You got the wax, the polish, the soap and the dashboard cleaner. Now all you need is the customers and their feedback. And what better way to get it than from a deeply comprehensive list of social media pages from the most comprehensive B2B sales leads package in existence? The answer, there is no better way. Tap into the market now!

The perks of our Car Wash Mailing List:

You have business leads, and the capability of conducting the best B2B marketing campaign in mere moments. This is a business advantage that just keeps on giving!

By picking up our product today, you’ll be given instantly access to all features the moment the payment has been processed.  No waiting around for deliveries or physical products!

Take advantage of our no lemons guarantee! You won’t have to pay any monthly fees for updates, as these are all provided for free, forever. No hidden services charges!

We’re so confident in our product that we’ve even included samples for your perusal so you can be sure of just how good our contacts are!

How many other companies can say they keep their information as up to date as ours? Your business needs the best, so why would you settle for anything less?